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From "Justin Erenkrantz" <jus...@erenkrantz.com>
Subject Re: [patch 00/17] successful msys/mingw build
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2006 19:31:07 GMT
On 4/14/06, John Mark Vandenberg <jayvdb@gmail.com> wrote:
> This series of patches allows apr to be built using MSYS and MinGW, but only with CFLAGS="
-O0 ".  Compared with tests using MS VC++ builds, only the dso functions appear to have problems
specific to msys builds.
> Failed Tests            Total   Fail    Failed %
> ===================================================
> testdso                     5      4     80.00%
> testpipe                    9      2     22.22%
> testsock                    7      1     14.29%

Okay.  Trunk now matches this behavior on mingw.  =)

A few minor things left:

- testatomic aborts(); so you have to do 'testall -x testatomic' to
get the above
- gen-build.py script needs to do two things:
  - ignore apr_app.c from the build.  (it's not meant to be compiled -
only as an example;
    removing it from OBJECTS_misc_win32 in build-outputs.mk is sufficient.)
  - emit '/' instead of '\' as msys make doesn't like that.  (a simple
sed works for now.)
- jlibtool (--enable-experimental-libtool=yes to configure)
  - GNU libtool refuses to create DLLs, but jlibtool can create them.
    (I stopped caring about GNU libtool once it failed to create DLLs;
so if it works, good;
    but I don't care to play their silly games...use jlibtool instead...)
  - jlibtool compiles and links about 6x faster than GNU libtool (duh)
  - As with all jlibtool builds, you need to install the DLLs in the
PATH to run apps
  - However, -module isn't working yet; so the libmod_test.la doesn't link
    (removing it from testall.exe's Makefile dependencies seems to do ok.)

If anyone else wants to jump in at this point, the big nasty stuff
should be in the tree now.  I'll be working on these to-do items with
a slightly lesser priority now.

For the record, here's a quick dump of what I downloaded/installed
from mingw.sf.net:
 - MinGW 5.0.3
 - MSYS-1.0.11-2004.04-30-1
 - msysDTK-1.0.1
 - msys-autoconf-2.5.9.tar.bz2 (extract to /usr)
 - msys-libtool-1.5.tar.bz2 (extract to /usr)

If you install those in that order, you should be able to reproduce
the necessary dev setup.

Many thanks to John for these patches!  -- justin

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