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From "Kashyap Ashwin" <Ashwin.Kash...@thomson.net>
Subject apr_pools.c win32 compilation with #undef APR_POOL_DEBUG
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2006 19:59:45 GMT
Around apr_pools.c:1392

        for (index = 0; index < node->index; index++) {
            memset(node->beginp[index], POOL_POISON_BYTE,
                   node->endp[index] - node->beginp[index]);
#endif // APR_POOL_DEBUG

debug_node_t is only defined if APR_POOL_DEBUG is defined and I am not
defining this. It causes trouble on win32 with MSVC.net. 

There are many places which simply do:
debug_node_t *node; 

When debug_node is never defined, it compiles with gcc but...



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