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From david reid <da...@jetnet.co.uk>
Subject rdf for export notifications
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2006 13:37:40 GMT
I realise I didn't attend the BOF but believe there was talk about 
adding export data. The initial suggestion I saw was for an old 
fashioned clunking system that just seems so 1990's, so I'm proposing a 
slightly newer 2001-2002 model - following the rough outline of 
projects.a.o whereby each project maintains their own file and they are 
aggregated as required. This model seems to have obvious relations to 
the way the asf is structured and most people seem happy with it. It has 
the other advantage of allowing a body (such as legal) to control the 
output and niceties of formatting while the project simply concerns 
itself with it's data.

Taking what I said earlier, and the words of Roy, I've created the 
attached. The sample RDF file is just that, a sample and only an initial 
pass. I'm sure it doesn't have all the info we need nor will it be the 
final result. Feel free to comment and develop :-)

Also attached are 2 xslt stylesheets that will transform the rdf file 
into an html page (not pretty, but functional) and the email text that 
Justin posted earlier and indicated would be required.

I think we should look at moving this away from incorporating the 
details of dependencies (as done in the sample for openssl) as I suspect 
we will have much duplication. In fact I think that if this approach is 
seen as worthwhile we should try and pursue developing this into a 
universal standard, that way each project can simply maintain their own 
files and link to the others - very Semantic Web :-)

Just to be clear, I think we should have a set of files for 
projects/libs we depend upon that are maintained by ourselves (in the 
short term) and all the details in the file move there - replaced by a 
link. This will keep the duplication to a minimum and reduce our 
problems of maintenance.

These are very much an initial pass at this and I haven't spent long on 
it (it'll show I'm sure) but it won't be hard to develop. If people feel 
this is the way to go then maybe site-dev is the right place to move the 
development? *shrug*


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