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From david reid <da...@jetnet.co.uk>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL/PATCH] add ssl sockets
Date Sat, 24 Jun 2006 10:29:14 GMT
James Mansion wrote:
>> Let's at least not add this performance hit where it isn't needed, and leave
>> apr_socket_read/write alone.  More that I think about it, an apr_io_XXX() API
>> for any application that prefers more abstraction would be a win, all around.
> I'd be very keen on this.  I've been experimenting with converting pdel to use
> APR rather than raw interfaces, and one of the issues was that it uses funopen
> to use FILE* as an abstraction, so I had to replace that with an abstraction.
> When it came to wrapping the apr descriptors, it does become clear how painful
> the split between apr_file_t and apr_socket_t is.  Its not as if its very
> consistent, given that file is used for pipes and they have 'in between'
> semantics.
> I end up passing apr_descriptor and apr_datatype_e pairs around all over
> and having switches and its a PITA.
> I'd much rather see it all unified behind an abstraction.

This is a good aim, but certainly don't expect to see it in 1.x. I'm in 
favour of trying to implement it for 2.x and ripping out the seperate 
api's, but of course that will need some careful thought and work.

> What's wrong with just using OpenSSL BIOs anyway?

Nothing, but why layer upon layer when there is no real need?


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