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From Graham Leggett <minf...@sharp.fm>
Subject Re: additional error code
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 20:01:22 GMT
Garrett Rooney wrote:

> I'm not sure if it's the right place or not, but I do worry about
> adding an error like this.  I mean just the fact that an error
> happened in the SSL code is kind of nondescript.  Perhaps adding a few
> different errors to cover the various ways the SSL code can fail that
> don't map to existing error codes?

A number of apps I have encountered that use SSL hide the original error 
from you, replacing it with something vague and misleading, and you're 
off on a wild goose chase.

If possible, it would be cool if the SSL code could return the original 
underlying SSL error code and/or messages in a structure, in a similar 
way to how the apr_ldap stuff does. You get an APR_EGENERAL/etc code 
back, with additional detailed info in a result structure that the app 
can either display to the client, log somewhere, whatever.


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