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From Chris Darroch <chr...@pearsoncmg.com>
Subject Re: current dbd initiatives
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2006 21:51:49 GMT
Bojan Smojver wrote:

> As I understand it, PostgreSQL and SQLite3 drivers expect NULL to be the
> last value in the the va_list args (for compatibility, I guess other
> drivers should expect the same). This value should be placed there by
> the caller. The drivers don't take into account any number figured out
> in _prepare() as the number of values they should expect in
> pvquery/pvselect. The behaviour of va_arg() shouldn't have anything to
> do with this.

   Hmm ... I'm quite sure what to make of that.  Should it be documented,
the manner of apr_pstrcat()?

   What about apr_brigade_vputstrs() too?

   Moreover, if this is the desired behaviour, then migrating from
expecting purely string arguments in apr_dbd_pvquery() and
apr_dbd_pvselect() to a sprintf()-style mix of strings and other data
types surely isn't going to be easy: how do you distinguish a
"no more arguments" NULL from an integer zero?

   It would seem to me that three options present themselves:

1) Stick with the existing string-only behaviour and document that a
   trailing NULL must be used for apr_dbd_pvquery() and apr_dbd_pvselect().
   Alter the Oracle driver as per my patch in PR 37664, and maybe also
   alter it to look for trailing NULL arguments in those functions.

2) Stick with the existing string-only behaviour but replace the
   read-until-NULL logic in certain drivers with loops that read
   the expected number of arguments, as determined by apr_dbd_prepare().
   Alter the Oracle driver as per my patch.

3) Change the read-until-NULL logic as in (2) above, and also change
   the existing string-only behaviour: i.e., alter the PostgreSQL driver
   to expect integer arguments when %d is used in apr_dbd_prepare().
   Leave the Oracle driver as-is (at least, in relation to this issue ...
   the rest of my patch still applies.  :-)

   Personally, I think I prefer either (2) or (3).  It seems more
intuitive to me that if I prepare a SQL statement with sprintf()-style
argument specifiers, then I don't also need to supply a trailing
NULL in the style of apr_pstrcat().

   Another possible wrinkle:

   Since the PostgreSQL driver currently expects only strings, and
has been released in the 1.2 branch, I'm not sure if it's "allowable"
to change its behaviour as per (3) for 1.3.  It would seem to "kind of"
alter the ABI, even though the function definitions don't change
(due to the use of va_list).  Callers using %d would have to switch
from using all strings in their variable argument lists to a mix of
strings and integers.  I don't know if that qualifies as a binary
interface change, but I can see that some might think it would.

   If it does, then my guess is that only (1) and (2) are allowable
as options.  Moreover, I'd think that %d would then have to continue
to mean "integer passed as string" until version 2.0.  Alas!


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