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From "James Mansion" <ja...@wgold.demon.co.uk>
Subject apr-util/memcache/apr_memcache.c
Date Thu, 25 May 2006 22:44:08 GMT

I've just been having fun getting apr/apr_iconv/apr_util to build
with CMake. Getting there (mostly fun with iconv because I want
to build everything into *one* dll rather than make a gazillion
small modules).

But, I noticed that the __dllimport stuff is broken in memcache.c
on the trunk because its using APR_DECLARE(...) which I think should
be APU_DECLARE(...).

I also find that there are a number of places where we include
"iconv.h" which tends to access the one in the source directory
which doesn't have any gubbins to handle the API_DECLARE macros,
which causes problems, but that may be an issue primarily with the
way CMake sets up VC++ workspaces - does seem unfortunate though
to have different "iconv.h" files in play like this though.

And a further thing: please do use the APR_DECLARE macros
consistently even in the UNIX code, because it may provide a
way to handle visibility (I know this is probably more a
concern for C++ programs, but consistency is good).


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