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From Hans-Peter Weidinger <hans-pe...@hp-weidinger.at>
Subject Re: WIN32 - Filehandles inherited when starting process with apr_proc_create
Date Tue, 30 May 2006 10:21:10 GMT
I found the problem in the meantime

It is located in proc.c in the win32 folder.

The "Inherit Handles" flag for the CreateProcess call is always set to 
true. This causes my Problem.



Hans-Peter Weidinger schrieb:
> Hi all,
> i'm having a problem with a plugin written by myself that spawns a 
> daemon-process under
> win32 with the apr_proc_create call.
> The process inherits all file-handles from the caller and locks the 
> files (windows-like). These
> file-handles are not needed in the spawned process.
> Unfortunately the master process wants to overwrite the files later 
> on, but i get an error-message
> that this operation cannot be performed, because the files are locked 
> .....
> Is there a way to spawn the process without inheriting file-handles 
> from the parent process?
> Any help apreciated.
> Hans-Peter

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