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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <wr...@rowe-clan.net>
Subject Re: Google Summer of Code Applications Submitted for apr-build-system and apr-logging
Date Thu, 11 May 2006 05:34:44 GMT
Walter Mundt wrote:
> Henry Jen wrote:
>> AFAIK, Windows event logging API supports Event Source and Unix syslog 
>> supports facility and a ident string. So I believe this should be 
>> implemented in a Platform-dependent way instead of being part of the 
>> message for a platform independent approach.
> True.  Some of this is added in my proposal on the wiki.  After some 
> further looking about on MSDN, however, I've noticed that the Windows 
> event sources must be individually predefined in the registry.  As such, 
> I've stuck with a set of them that correspond to the Unix syslog 
> facility constants for the API.  I may add a "prefix" option to the 
> constructors to correspond to the Unix "ident" string.

I strongly believe we should not go 'overboard' exploiting the full power of
the windows events.  By creating a 'matched set' to correspond to unix syslog
facilities, we have something reasonably generic, which can be filtered by
importance, and a common set that can be targetted by all.

If a windows build of an apr app has to do a little extra to take advantage of
these, then shucks, guess they have to do so.

But if they want the full power of windows event logging, by all means; let them
write a windows handler.  That's not part of our role in creating cross-platform


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