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From Walter Mundt <em...@spamcop.net>
Subject Re: Google Summer of Code Applications Submitted for apr-build-system and apr-logging
Date Tue, 09 May 2006 02:04:26 GMT
Henry Jen wrote:
> A couple comments:
> 1. How do you distinguish the event source? Even in a single 
> application, multiple categories may be desired to classify the events. 
> Not to mention different apps.

There is no facility to do this currently.  I deliberately decided to 
leave that out for several reasons.  The most relevant for discussion on 
this list is that I tried to make the API so that it provides the 
minimal subset of logging functionality that must be implemented in a 
platform-dependent way.  Since context-aware logging functions could 
easily be built on top of this API without sacrificing any 
functionality, I left them out.

If there is a consensus among APR developers that more functionality 
(like this, but really anything useful that fits in the "has an optimal 
platform-independent implementation" mold) should be included, I have no 
problem adding it.

> 2. This may only be me, but I would like to have capability to turn off 
> some logging capability at runtime. It's kind of different verbose 
> levels. With that, you can have more verbose logs to help you debugging 
> an application when needed while a minimum when things are running fine.

That's a very common usage scenario, and one that I allow via the level 
parameters on the log constructors.  However, I neglected to add a 
function for changing the logging level post-construction-time.  I'll 
add a spec for one on the wiki and in any revised app if someone 
comments through Google.


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