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From Henry Jen <henry...@ztune.net>
Subject Re: Google Summer Of Code APR Applications
Date Tue, 02 May 2006 17:22:37 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> Henry Jen wrote:
>> It already include file based logging, and can be expanded to support 
>> unix syslog and Windows event log.
> Well, from an apr PoV, that's probably why the patch was ignored.  There
> are constantly competeing forces at work to 1) make apr handle almost all
> the dull tasks C programmers have to do, and 2) narrowly construe apr to
> handle issues which need extra code to handle portability between 
> platforms,
> or bind diverse available library solutions into a unified interface.
> So logging is outside the scope of apr in general, and a questionable fit
> for apr-util;  HOWEVER, the unix syslog v.s. windows event log v.s. some
> generic file-based logging for platforms which support neither, that's
> a very appropriate fit into apr.  

I got confused. :-)

The logging code is about to provide an unified API for logging and 
allow the app to determine how actually to do logging. Very much what 
you said above.

For unix, provides a callback for syslog. On Windows, a callback for 
event log, and on others, use the file based callback.

Check out the code, it is not that much overhead.


> Of course the code all exists already,
> it's a matter of porting the code from httpd to apr (and then reducing
> the complexity of httpd by using the new apr interfaces ;-)

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