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From Bojan Smojver <bo...@rexursive.com>
Subject Re: LONGs and LOBs [Was: improved error reporting for apr_dbd_mysql.c]
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2006 07:01:23 GMT
Quoting Alex Dubov <oakad@yahoo.com>:

> from here everything works just like with
> printf - if you push pointer incompatible to
> specifier, it's most likely a crash.

Ah, right. I think I'm starting to understand this now - I thought we  
were going to end up with a bunch of backend specific stuff (which I  
don't like much :-), but it doesn't have to be that way.

So, it seems that we need to define, on DBD level, what identifiers  
mean. They have to convey both the meaning in C and SQL, because  
drivers needs hints on how to map C types to SQL types in _prepare.  
Getting the stuff once the select is done is easier, but we should  
probably stick with the same letters, to make it easier for callers.

We already have:

- %s - string (i.e. char *, varchar in SQL)
- %d - integer
- %f - float

I think we should stick with a single letter convention, for  
simplicity of parsing. So, how about:

- %S - string (i.e. char *, text in SQL)
- %D - unsigned integer
- %c - char
- %C - unsigned char
- %h - short
- %H - unsigned short
- %l - long
- %L - unsigned long
- %q - quad (i.e. long long)
- %Q - unsigned quad
- %F - double
- %b - blob (brigade, backend specific blob type 1 in SQL*)
- %B - blob (brigade, backend specific blob type 2 in SQL*)
- %o - blob (brigade, backend specific blob type 3 in SQL*)
- %O - blob (brigade, backend specific blob type 4 in SQL*)
- %i - time (string, time in SQL)
- %a - date (string, date in SQL)
- %A - datetime (string, datetime in SQL)
- %t - timestamp (string, timestamp in SQL)
- %T - timestamp with zone (string, timestamp with zone in SQL)

I'm sure there are many more combos that we can consider, but these  
should be a decent start.

Let the flame wars begin... ;-)

* Blob types vary between backends a lot (e.g. MySQL has four types,  
Oracle at least 3 and so on). We should pick a few we'd like to  
implement in each.


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