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From Tom Bradford <bradford...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Documentation Project
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2006 20:13:38 GMT
On Apr 24, 2006, at 3:54 PM, Davi Arnaut wrote:
>> 2) I notice that there is a database interface, but even though
>> SQLite is supported, the exposed APIs resemble DBM-style interfaces.
>> Is there a plan to create a super-simple rowset style interface for
>> backends that support it?
> I don't know, what does Google say ?

Well, I was hoping that an actual representative of the project could  
speak to what is planned for the project proper, rather than try to  
infer what may or may not be happening to the project at some point  
in the future.

>> 3) The documentation is scarce or non-existent.  Everything I've
>> learned thus far has been from Inoue Seiichiro's tutorial.  Are there
>> any official documentation project's active or planned?
> http://apr.apache.org/docs/apr/modules.html
> http://apr.apache.org/apr2_0intro/apr2_0intro.htm

Sorry, but Doxygen and a slideshow with little to no actual  
information (both of which I've already seen) do not a suite of  
documentation make.  Doxygen is as valuable in the grand scheme of  
things as is Javadoc, and that's not much because neither are able to  
paint an overall picture of contextual or global cohesion.  As I was  
saying, Inoue Seiichiro's tutorial is by the far the best  
documentation I've found for APR, and the fact that nothing made  
available by the APR project itself even comes close is somewhat  

Let me reiterate.  I'm very impressed with the API, and I see broad  
developmental usage for APR outside of the Apache project proper, but  
the major hurdle at this point is the very real lack of  
documentation.  Not need to get defensive about it, especially since  
I'm offering my assistance.

Tom Bradford - http://www.tbradford.org/

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