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From Henry Jen <henry...@ztune.net>
Subject Re: API Proposal for apr_thread_pool
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2006 05:56:14 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> Henry Jen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We would like to implement thread pool capability, and think it might 
>> be a good addition to apr-util or apr.
> Interesting!
> I don't see where your thread join occurs to reap any terminated threads,
> that is, how your model handles threads that have decided they are 'done'.

The thread remains in the pool until the thread_pool tells the thread to 
stop and that's where join will happen.

One place is apr_thread_pool_stop_unused_threads.

>> APR_DECLARE(int) apr_thread_pool_get_num_unused_threads(void);
> AIUI the style apr_thread_pool_unused_threads_num_get() would be 
> appropriate
> (_num seems awkward though, I personally prefer _count, or nothing).

I am OK with the naming convention as long as there is one. :-)

>> /**
>>  * Stop all unused threads. Ignore the maximum number of idling threads.
>>  * @return The total number of threads stopped.
>>  */
>> APR_DECLARE(int) apr_thread_pool_stop_unused_threads(void);
> I'm a little confused in your proposal between apr_thread_pool_terminate(),
> apr_thread_pool_destroy(), and this function.
> Can't this be reduced to

My mistake. The last couple functions should take a apr_thread_pool_t 
*self as a parameter. Those are instance methods, not static.

This may address all the following questions.

Attached please find updated version.


>   apr_thread_pool_shutdown()  (blocks)
>   apr_thread_pool_destroy()   (same as pool cleanup)
> Can you elaborate?
> Final observation, your model seemed a little shortsighted, in that it 
> permits
> only a single thread pool.  This is great for an app, lousy for another 
> library
> which wishes to build upon the model.  And a group of threads might be 
> shut down
> independently of a second pool.
> Can you refine the proposal with an apr_threadpool_t * object which 
> prevents
> us from adding yet another evil static singleton?  Or as an alternative, 
> bind
> the threadpool as an attribute of the pool itself, identifying the 
> thread pool
> by apr_pool_t *?
> Bill

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