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From INOUE Seiichiro <in...@ariel-networks.com>
Subject Re: Documentation Project
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2006 08:42:30 GMT
> > >> 3) The documentation is scarce or non-existent.  Everything I've
> > >> learned thus far has been from Inoue Seiichiro's tutorial.  Are there
> > >> any official documentation project's active or planned?

Hi all,
As nobody have written URLs, I paste URLs.

It seems I haven't updated for a while, but I still have a will to keep updating.
And I wish I could describe whole areas of APR (e.g. It lacks some areas, such as buckets).

+ http://dev.ariel-networks.com/apr/apr-tutorial/html/apr-tutorial.html  (HTML)
+ http://dev.ariel-networks.com/apr/apr-tutorial/sample/ (sample code)
+ http://dev.ariel-networks.com/apr/apr-tutorial-20050829.tar.gz (archive)
+ http://dev.ariel-networks.com/apr/ (everything)

Anyway, if an official APR documentation project starts, I'm happy to contribute to it.
I say, you can reuse my tutorial as the starting point, 
or I could have a time to help adding new chapters.

- INOUE Seiichiro <inoue@ariel-networks.com>

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