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From Tyler MacDonald <tyl...@ActiveState.com>
Subject Re: hey, I use apr!
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2006 22:26:25 GMT
Nick Kew <nick@webthing.com> wrote:
> On Monday 24 April 2006 22:22, Tyler MacDonald wrote:
> > I just noticed the 'open source projects using APR' section... feel free to
> > add me to the list :-)
> >
> > mod_bt / libbtt
> > http://www.crackerjack.net/mod_bt/
> But isn't that an apache module?  So that makes use of APR pretty
> much automatic, as in all other modules.  Should we really be adding
> them as separate entities?

	mod_bt itself is, but libbtt isn't. It's a generalized BitTorrent
Tracker logic library. Here's an example script that doesn't use apache


	Also check out "bt_db2xml.c" in the source tarball.

	Ugh, and I just realized i need to fix bttrack.pl... the "use
Apache2" line is a remnant from when you needed to do that to add the path
to APR.pm to perl's @INC, which is no longer neccessary... At least it's
only an example :-/

		- Tyler

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