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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <wr...@rowe-clan.net>
Subject Re: svn commit: r388595 - /apr/apr-util/trunk/buildconf
Date Sat, 25 Mar 2006 20:37:05 GMT
Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
>>  Version guard; avoid seeing an installed 1.2.x or earlier apr
>>  when configuring apr-util.
> Thanks for breaking the build on Solaris.

Your welcome, glad I could help.

>> # Default place to look for apr source.  Can be overridden with 
>> #   --with-apr=[directory]
>> apr_src_dir=../apr
>>+apr_config=`which apr-1-config`
>>+if test $? -eq 0; then
>>+    apr_minorver=`$apr_config --version|cut -d. -s -f2`
>>+    if test $apr_minorver -ge 3; then
>>+        apr_src_dir=`$apr_config --srcdir`
>>+    fi
> % ./buildconf
> ./buildconf: no: not found
> ./buildconf: test: argument expected

Yup - I observe the same under Sol's /bin/sh - 'no apr-1-config found in $PATH'


> I don't even have a foggy clue what you're trying to do,

Find the path of apr-1-config; but in this case $? didn't reflect failure of
the `which apr-1-config`, either /bin/sh doesn't propogate `cmd` failure codes
or solaris' `which` command doesn't provide one.  Anyways...

> but this busts buildconf.  And, it's *never* valid to assume that the srcdir 

> exists for an installed APR - assume binary packages, etc, etc.

Uhm dude, it's buildconf, not configure :)  You amoung others argued why we
can do all sorts of screwball stuff in buildconf cause 'it's only run here' and
end users don't need it :)

We have always harvested some files from the aprsrc to buildconf aprutilsrc.
Nothing new here.

>> if [ -f "$apr_src_dir/build/apr_common.m4" ]; then
>>+  apr_src_dir=`cd $apr_src_dir; pwd`
>>   echo ""
>>   echo "Looking for apr source in $apr_src_dir"
> I don't even want to know what this change is, but eww.  -- justin

Ewww?  Annotate your repulsion in a bit more technical terms, please :)

This turns ../apr into usable path when symlinks are used.  Not only is
this an issue for devs who have symlinked httpd-n.n/srclib/apr/ to apr-n.n/
(we all know svn's incapable of svn status'ing down into srclib/...) but
also should help those users who have reported failures due to the fact
that on some platforms /home/joe/build isn't really there.


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