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From Taylor Jones <tjo...@cadrc.calpoly.edu>
Subject ./configure hangs at "Checking if TCP_NODELAY..."
Date Sat, 18 Mar 2006 00:11:35 GMT
When compiling, the configure command hangs at the the point shown 
below. This is a dual Opteron machine with 3 interfaces, two Broadcom 
NetXtreme BCM5704 10/100/1000 links and one Intel Etherpro 10/100. The 
only other peculiarity to the system are the virtual interfaces (7 
virtual interfaces tied to eth1). Any sugestions?


-- snip --
Checking for Networking support...
checking for in_addr in netinet/in.h... yes
checking if fd == socket on this platform... yes
checking style of gethostbyname_r routine... glibc2
checking 3rd argument to the gethostbyname_r routines... char
checking if TCP_NODELAY setting is inherited from listening sockets...
-- hangs forever here --

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