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From Mike Smith <m...@mailchannels.com>
Subject apu-config --link-ld doesn't have all the library paths
Date Fri, 17 Mar 2006 01:07:36 GMT
When apr-util is confiugred to use non-standard library locations, the
apu-config script does not emit the proper --link-ld output necessary to link
with apr-util.

For example, when apr-util is configured thusly:

	configure --prefix=/my-directory/usr/local/apr \
                   --with-expat=/my-directory/usr/local/expat \

the resulting apu-config script emits the following for 'apu-config --link-ld':

         -L/my-directory/usr/local/apr/lib -laprutil-0

This is not enough to link successfully with apr as it is missing:

	-L/my-directory/usr/local/expat -L/my-directory/usr/local/gdbm

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