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From Dirk Groeneveld <dgroe...@uci.edu>
Subject Re: bug in apr_shm_create?
Date Sat, 11 Feb 2006 02:58:46 GMT
Nevermind that, I figured it out.

Files are not the same as shm areas, at least not on linux, at least not 
with shmget. The file being there doesn't mean that there is an shm and 
vice versa. The way of naming them just happens to be similar.

Sorry about that,

On Fri, 10 Feb 2006, Dirk Groeneveld wrote:

> Hi!
> I think I found a bug in shmem/unix/shm.c around line 317.
> In line 302, the file is created with the flags APR_CREATE | APR_EXCL (among 
> others), and in line 316 shmget is called with IPC_CREAT | IPC_EXCL, which 
> fails because the first call already created the file. It seems to work 
> without IPC_CREAT, but I am no expert on shmget and am not sure if this is 
> the way to fix it.
> The attached patch takes out both the IPC_CREAT and IPC_EXCL flags. I wasn't 
> sure whether to keep IPC_CREAT. It might make a difference if someone else is 
> messing with the file at the same time, so I decided to prefer failing due to 
> a missing file over continuing with potentially undefined results.
> Dirk

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