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From "Brian J. France" <l...@firehawksystems.com>
Subject [mod_smtpd] patch need for the SIZE extension
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2006 01:02:40 GMT
Hi Rian,

   Before I started converting my other modules to the new code I  
figured I would start with writing a new module to handle the SIZE  
extension.  I needed to apply the following patch (link below) to the  
mod_smtpd code to get access at the max data size.

   I hooked the mail from hook, check for a valid SIZE in  
mail_parameters and check to make sure it is not over the limit.  If  
it is over the limit I can use smtpd_respond_oneline to send the 552  
"message exceeds fixed maximum message size" line back to the client,  
but what should the function return to make it force a QUIT or REST  
command as anything but SMTPD_DONE sends more stuff to the client.

Should I just return SMTPD_DONE and set scr->should_disconnect?   
Could we tweak it to support two different settings, one would only  
allow QUIT only and the other would allow QUIT and REST (to start over).




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