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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <wr...@rowe-clan.net>
Subject Outch, a few problems for 2.0/2.2
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2006 07:22:44 GMT
1. We've really got to die on ./configure, not make, when we are asked
    to --enable-ldap where apr-util wasn't built with ldap.  That's bogus;
    ./configure should describe anticipated problems, not later on.

2. Something's wrong with detection of ssl, even when I explicitly asked
    for /usr/local/ssl it's picking up /usr/sfw and I'm not yet sure why.
    (Both paths are passed, outch!)

3. We currently abspath the APR_UTIL_LIBS entry for
    but that seriously breaks my AIX vpath builds.  I can guess we are
    trying to avoid picking up libexpat elsewhere in the -L list, but there's
    gotta be a better way for ordering this, and make it consistent

4. The libtool configs are pretty hokey.  apr-util properly dereferences the
    apr libtool, why don't we do the same on our builtin expat?

5. Also hitting another abspath issue when trying to build apr-util and it's
    going for the absolute apr.la, working on that when I go back to AIX

Finally vpath + symlink builds were broken, there is a set of patches
over on http://people.apache.org/~wrowe/ named fixbuild-n.n.patch where
-n.n is -2.0 & -0.9, -2.2 & -1.2, and -2.3 & 1.3 for the corresponding
httpd and apr-util versions.  The patches;

  * ensure we don't look for srclib/apr*** directories, but simply the
    file contained within.

  * avoid looking from apr-util to ../apr, since on symlinked environments
    in solaris this can be erronious.

  * ensure we don't bomb on vpath builds looking for .h files in both the
    source and vpath target trees (because they don't exist in both).

  * properly check if we are vpath'ing for apr-util/xml/expat, creating that
    directory in the vpath target, and introduce the syntax --with-expat=builtin
    to resolve the ambiguity that vpath builds of the builtin expat introduces.

  * never configure apr-iconv from apr-util.  Since we won't configure apr
    from apr-util this was inconsistent.

Comments on the proposed patches so far?

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