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From Andreas Magnusson <andreas.ch.magnus...@home.se>
Subject [PATCH] Adjust more_finfo() on Win32 to behave more like its Unix/Linux counterpart
Date Sat, 21 Jan 2006 11:01:22 GMT
I recently had a discussion with Garrett Rooney and William A. Rowe Jr. 
   about a bug in apr_file_open (on Windows in APR 0.9.7) that when 
fixed created "problems" in apr_stat (for Subversion). Spurred by this 
discussion, I decided to look for the root cause of the problem.

And what I found was that apr_stat(&finfo, path, APR_FINFO_PROT, &pool) 
does indeed not behave (on Windows) as I imagine it would behave on 
The difference is that unpatched, the result in finfo.protection is 
*only* the world rights (translated into the group "Everyone" on 
Windows), and no group or user rights.
With this patch, the finfo.protection includes the rights for the 
current user, and the rights for his/her primary group (plus of course 
world/Everyone). Which is much more like the way I believe it works on 

In more detail, more_finfo() asks for user and group information based 
on "(wanted & (APR_FINFO_USER | APR_FINFO_UPROT))" and vice versa for 
groups. But when it calls GetSecurityInfo (and friends depending on 
input), it only supplies the user argument if "(wanted & APR_FINFO_USER)".
Which means that when the routine later checks if "user" is valid, it 
isn't, which means that when we in resolve_prot() check to see if we can 
use the user information, it fails. The interesting thing is that 
resolve_prot() seems to be written as if this scenario should work from 
the beginning.

Note that I am by no means fluent in Unix/Linux, so if I have 
misunderstood that part, please set me straight immediately.


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