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From Garrett Rooney <roo...@electricjellyfish.net>
Subject Win32 Tests
Date Sat, 21 Jan 2006 23:55:53 GMT
So I tried running testall on win32 today, and I ran into a few problems.

First off, the pipe tests seem to hang, in testpipe.c:read_write,
after setting the timeout to 1 second we never seem to come out of the

Second, the socket tests seem to hang (specifically test_get_addr,
which appears to try and do a non-blocking connect, which turns out to
be anything but non-blocking).

Third, and perhaps most disturbing, the user/group tests actually
crash, apparently passing invalid gid/uids into functions like
LookupAccountSid results in a crash...  That seems kind of bad... 
According to the docs I've found on MSDN, SIDs are opaque structures
allocated by the system, not just random integers like Unix userids
and groupids, so it's not surprising that this kind of thing doesn't
work, but if that's the case you'd think we'd ifdef these tests or

Finally, there are a few actual test failures (test_fail_read_flush in
testfile.c and set_timeout in testpipe.c).

Are these kind of problems par for the course on win32, or am I just
suffering from a lack of win32-fu (which is certainly possible, don't
get me wrong, I'm totally not a windows person).  If they are known
(especially the hangs and crashes, which really make the tests pretty
damn useless) that seems kind of bad to me...

Do windows APR developers just work around this sort of thing?  If so,
we should really do something about that.  We're a PORTABLE runtime,
and if we can't manage to make the tests at least run to completion on
the primary non-unix platform available, that seems like a pretty sad
state of afairs.


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