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From Jonathan <...@wikifamilies.info>
Subject apr_dso_load, apr_dso_open
Date Mon, 02 Jan 2006 01:25:33 GMT

There is some discussion about apr_dso_load() being able to load symbols 
lazily or deferred. This message is about an idea to implement a new 
function instead of new parameters or options to arguments.

We already have apr_dso_load() which, by overall implementation, expects 
to load symbols globally and bind them immediately. Let's add another 
function that doesn't load symbols or attempt to bind symbols: 

We can expect apr_dso_open() to only open a dso and go no further to 
process symbols. If the OS cannot set-up the dso in a local, or private, 
namespace to accomplish this task, the function just returns an error: 
"apr_dso_open not implemented". This implies apr_dso_open() does not let 
apr_dso_sym() to bind globally, and one either uses apr_dso_open() or 
apr_dso_load() to access a library by local or global namespace, 

An example diff is attached.

Your advice is appreciated.

Thank you,
Jonathan Ballard

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