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From Uwe Zeisberger <zeisb...@informatik.uni-freiburg.de>
Subject Re: using APR on fedora core 3
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2006 08:04:22 GMT
Hi Alex,

Alex.Krumm-Heller@csiro.au wrote:
> This is probably an obvious question, but I am having a problem using
> APR. I am developing some software using C++ and APR on Windows XP and
> Fedora Core 3. I am intending to use APR as a shared library. So far I
> have managed to successfully build APR on Windows XP, I have written
> some code using it, and have managed to get the program running. However
> on Fedora it is a different story. I have compiled APR (merely using:
> ./configure, make), and I then tried compiling my code using APR and am
> getting an error during compilation:
> INT64_C undeclared
Did you use the compiler flags given by apr-config?

Try something like:

	`apr-config --cc` `apr-config --cflags --cppflags` -c lala1.c
	`apr-config --cc` `apr-config --cflags --cppflags` -c lala2.c
	`apr-config --cc` `apr-config --link-ld --libs` -o lala lala1.o lala2.o

Probably using g++ instead of gcc (aka `apr-config --cc`) works if you
need C++.


Uwe Zeisberger


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