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From Diego Jacobi <djac...@arnet.com.ar>
Subject [Suggestion/Question] serial and parallel ports
Date Sat, 10 Dec 2005 01:27:50 GMT
hi, i want to suscribe just to post a suggestion, recibe an answer, and 
then unsuscribe. It makes hard to post suggestion or a simple question.

I am an student of electronic enginiering of Argentina, and i am finding 
a good and portable API like APR but with capabilities to handle serial 
and parallel ports. this is my suggestion.

And my question is if you have plans to implement this.

I think that it feets on the project goals on the welcome page, and i 
couldn't find any other good project at the moment. Do you know one?

About serial handling. I really dont need the RS232 TX and RX (i think 
which it is the more difficult part to be portable), i need single 
inputs and outputs with interruptions, like RTS, DTD, DCD, etc.

And API for parrallel port should be easy but applications requires to 
be chequing the port continiusly, which is not a good performance feature.

thanks for your time.

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