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From Justin Erenkrantz <jus...@erenkrantz.com>
Subject Re: apr-util config, etc.
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2005 20:44:22 GMT
--On November 15, 2005 3:36:39 PM -0500 Chris Darroch 
<chrisd@pearsoncmg.com> wrote:

>    OK, understood, and sorry to recapitulate an old discussion.
> (Also apologies for the strange subject line -- too much proofreading
> of the body!)

No need to apologize.  I just wanted to indicate that we've thought about 
this problem in the past, and the best resolution we came up with was to 
agree to disagree about the merits of having APR-util be aware of the -R 

>> Setting LDFLAGS before running configure should work, like so:
>> LDFLAGS="-R/path/to/lib" \
>> ./configure
>> is an acceptable workaround that should work.  It's what I use.
>    I do the same to get Berkeley DB to work with apr-util, with
> the -Wl,-R option.  That seems to be sufficient to ensure that
> configure's test programs compile and execute.  (For some reason,
> just having -L doesn't do it, and configure wrongly decides that
> BDB can't be found because one of the test programs fails.)

Yes, the -L flag needs to be added by configure.  Otherwise, it won't know 
what to do.  =)

>    However, if I read the situation correctly, that LDFLAGS setting
> doesn't actually make it into make process itself; certainly it
> doesn't turn up outside of config.{log,nice,status} or in make's
> output.  And in both the "fake" libiconv and "real" Oracle instances

Well, it should be preserved in the GNU libtool interfaces.  That means 
that if you perform a libtool link against libaprutil-1.la, the run-time 
linker flags should be preserved.

There are some version of GNU libtool that are broken in this respect 
though.  Please ensure you are running the latest version of GNU libtool 
(1.5.20 should work fine).  IIRC, all 1.5.x version of GNU libtool prior to 
1.5.10 are broken on most platforms in this regard.

>    At any rate, I've still got a problem on my hands, because
> to deal with Oracle I need to get something into $LINK after
> $COMPILE, which means one of LDFLAGS, EXTRA_LDFLAGS, or
> NOTEST_LDFLAGS in build/rules.mk.  No amount of fiddling
> with prior-to-configure env vars has allowed me to do this;
> although things turn up in config.nice, they don't make it
> into the actual make process.  Any help appreciated!  Thanks!

I'm not sure what your problem is here.

Can you provide some more details?  -- justin

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