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From Marco Spinetti <m.spine...@pisa.iol.it>
Subject apr signal handling
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2005 15:22:23 GMT
Hi all,
I'm quite confused about apr signal handling....
I'd like to handle signals with apr functions but I don't find how.
I have an 1.3 apache module which starts 3 threads: I suppose that  my 
main process has to block all signals.
How can I do it with apr functions?
I'm using apr 1.2.1

rv = *apr_setup_signal_thread*();
..... what other?.....

In my non apr code I was using:

sigfillset( &signal_set );
if (pthread_sigmask( SIG_BLOCK, &signal_set, NULL ) == -1) {
Then I created a signal handling thread.

Any hints?
Thanks for the support


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