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From Chris Darroch <chr...@pearsoncmg.com>
Subject Re: apr-util config, etc.
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2005 20:36:39 GMT

>>    My ultimate question, for the impatient, is whether adding
>> -R to APRUTIL_LDFLAGS is an appropriate solution when using
>> libraries that one expects not to have accompanying .la files.
> We've had this discussion several times.  There's a group of developers who 
> believe we should automatically add the -R flags and an equally vocal 
> developers who believe that the user must hand-edit ldconfig on their 
> platform.
> At the moment, the folks who advocate not having the -R flag represent our 
> state of affairs.

   OK, understood, and sorry to recapitulate an old discussion.
(Also apologies for the strange subject line -- too much proofreading
of the body!)

> Setting LDFLAGS before running configure should work, like so:
> LDFLAGS="-R/path/to/lib" \
> ./configure
> is an acceptable workaround that should work.  It's what I use.

   I do the same to get Berkeley DB to work with apr-util, with
the -Wl,-R option.  That seems to be sufficient to ensure that
configure's test programs compile and execute.  (For some reason,
just having -L doesn't do it, and configure wrongly decides that
BDB can't be found because one of the test programs fails.)

   However, if I read the situation correctly, that LDFLAGS setting
doesn't actually make it into make process itself; certainly it
doesn't turn up outside of config.{log,nice,status} or in make's
output.  And in both the "fake" libiconv and "real" Oracle instances
I've tried, adding either -R or -Wl,-R to LDFLAGS or NOTEST_LDFLAGS,
etc., before running configure has no effect; libaprutil-1.so
is still built with an unresolved "not found" dependency, because
of the missing .la file and the fact that no -R option makes it
from my env vars into the make process.

   Now, maybe that's some other kind of problem -- should one be
able to do "NOTEST_LDFLAGS=... ./configure" and have those
values appear in, perhaps, build/rules.mk?  I'm not sure if
that's the intention or not from the comments in rules.mk.

   At any rate, I've still got a problem on my hands, because
to deal with Oracle I need to get something into $LINK after
$COMPILE, which means one of LDFLAGS, EXTRA_LDFLAGS, or
NOTEST_LDFLAGS in build/rules.mk.  No amount of fiddling
with prior-to-configure env vars has allowed me to do this;
although things turn up in config.nice, they don't make it
into the actual make process.  Any help appreciated!  Thanks!


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