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From David Reid <da...@jetnet.co.uk>
Subject Re: Bundled hello world
Date Sat, 12 Nov 2005 15:46:55 GMT
Colm MacCarthaigh wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 12, 2005 at 12:36:46PM +0000, David Reid wrote:
>>>This is going to need maintaining, not much, but over time, things will
>>>have to be changed. Not having it live in ASF svn would be a real pain.
>>>Is PD material currently hostable on ASF infrastructure? 
>>If it's not we can host it elsewhere, but I don't see why it shouldn't
>>be hostable by the asf. I'd actually like to see us expand the examples
>>so that we have a few that cover some of the advanced features, and
>>maybe apr-util as well.
>>It's one thing that i think is holding back apr a little.
> Definitely. Some research over the last few days has found a lot of
> public domain material in the ASF repositories, so I think it's
> hostable. (releasable as ASF software on the other hand is a grey area,
> but then this need never release).
> 	http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/apr/examples/
> seem reasonable? With a hello world at;
> 	http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/apr/examples/trunk/helloworld/
And with a framework to allow the samples to be built in the root dir?
Seems like a plan to me :-)

We should also add a helpful README and so on, but start the ball
rolling and I'm sure we'll all follow on. Baaaaaaaaaa :-)

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