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From "Max Bowsher" <m...@ukf.net>
Subject [PATCH] 0.9.x backport of the "make apr-util compilable without apr source" change
Date Mon, 31 Oct 2005 16:45:41 GMT
Currently, apr-util 0.9.x requires that apr source be available in order to 
configure and make.

This makes it awkward to package apr-util using a packaging system. This 
overly close coupling has already been fixed in 1.x, and I'd like 0.9.x to 
get the benefit too.

Changes to both apr and apr-util are involved - though these changes are 
entirely backports, they occurred on trunk as multiple revisions - I've 
written new log messages to describe the overall result of the group of 
changes I'm suggesting be backported:

Backport r65212, r65249, r65250, r65251 from trunk.
Install mkdir.sh, make_exports.awk, make_var_export.awk to the APR
installbuilddir, and avoid placing paths to the source and build directories
into the installed apr_rules.mk.

* Makefile.in (CLEAN_TARGETS): Add "build/apr_rules.out".
  (build/apr_rules.out): New rule to create by changing build-dir paths to
    installed paths.
  (install): Depend on build/apr_rules.out, and install it as apr_rules.mk.
    Also install mkdir.sh, make_exports.awk and make_var_export.awk.
  (exports.c, export_vars.c): Use new make-variable defined in apr_rules.mk.

* build/apr_rules.mk.in (MKEXPORT): Remove obsolete definition which is 
    anyway, since it refers to a nonexistant file.
    - the commands to run various installbuilddir tools.

Backport r59073, r59075, r59086, r59087 from trunk.
Use mkdir.sh, make_exports.awk, make_var_export.awk from the APR
installbuilddir, instead of requiring APR source to be available at APR-util
build time.  Requires APR 0.9.8, since earlier versions did not install
all necessary files to the installbuilddir.

* Makefile.in (install, exports.c, export_vars.h): Use new apr_rules.mk

* build/apu-conf.m4 (APU_FIND_APR):
    Remove the `apr-config --srcdir` invocation and corresponding AC_SUBST.

Applying these changes would, of course, mean that apr-util 0.9.8 would 
require apr 0.9.8 or later to build against.

IIUC, a strict reading of the APR compatibility rules means this is OK, 
under the "Before 1.0, anything goes", clause - but on the other hand, 0.9.x 
is sort of semi-stable now.

Is this compatibility restriction OK, and if so, is a note in the 
documentation OK, or should I also patch APU_FIND_APR to verify this?



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