I have been working on that and you're right, the "END TRANSACTION" is not
needed and makes transactions fail. I removed it and the test case works
fine. I'll get a patch to the list soon. I've been working on a seperate
problem with the new release of SQLite that may effect the driver. I would
like to complete that first and then submit a patch to the list.

Garrett Rooney <rooneg@electricjellyfish.net> wrote:
On 9/15/05, Ronen Mizrahi wrote:
> Yet again, I would like to ask if anyone has any feedback on this? If
> someone out there is pondering some issues about this, please respond,
> perhaps a discussion may help and at the least I would know that someone
> is planning to address this issue.

I suspect nobody has gotten around to looking at it. If you think
there's a problem, a patch to correct it or at least to add a test
that shows the issue would certainly be appreciated. As it stands,
it'll just have to wait until someone who understands the sqlite code
gets some free time.