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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <wr...@rowe-clan.net>
Subject Re: [PATCH] apr_dso_load2() with flags support
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2005 20:53:08 GMT
Joe Orton wrote:
> So by "it must not expose special platform knowledge" you really mean 
> "it must not allow callers to take advantage of features not available 
> on all supported platforms"?  I'd hoped to have seen the back of that 
> tired old argument.

That is NOT what I said and you know that :)

> If APR is constrained to being no better than the lowest common 
> denominator then APR is doomed.  Please rescind the veto and let those 
> of us who care about moving the code forward do so.

What I said was, define a behavior, not a platform-specific behavior,
and let's move on through this discussion to IMPLEMENT the damned
behaviors on all the platforms that support them.

I -said-, if you want dlopen(), use it.  If you want APR, define just
what we need to do.

You want to use an undocumented, unsupported dlopen() flag, and tell
me that it's orthoginal to any sort of APR_DSO_PRIVATE/APR_DSO_LOCAL
behavior.  I googled 'RTLD_DEEPBIND man' searching for any man page
documentation (it's sure not on my FC3's man page for dlopen) and
found nothing but a handful of posts by yourself on behalf of RH.

And rather than answer my question about "What does it do, and where
is it documented", you bemoan the fact that I won't turn apr_dso_load()
into dlopen().

My issue with naming APR_DSO_LOCAL is that it should define a behavior,
not a dlopen() flag, and from that perspective it will be confusing to
posix/dlopen users if APR_DSO_LOCAL triggered different flags on very
different platforms such as HPUX shl_*() api.

Do you really want to force the user to list out various shl_*() and
dlopen() and Win32 and OS/X dyld_*() flags just to accomplish something
that should be a single brain-dead simple-stupid flag?

Let's start by adopting your change for APR_DSO_PRIVATE in trunk, and
decide what that flag implies on the half-dozen platforms so that the
APR library provides portability?


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