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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <wr...@rowe-clan.net>
Subject Re: svn commit: r265755 - in /apr/apr-util/trunk/ldap: apr_ldap_init.c apr_ldap_option.c
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2005 20:10:44 GMT

   actually I'm thinking that the pre-NT, post-NT split is a perfect
justification for two different builds, and was working on that for
the Apache 2.2 installer.  Running 9x/NT detection throughout APR just
seems silly, when you consider that it's one or the other.

   Folks upgrading from borked Win9x OS's to NT feel no pain.  Folks that
downgrade to 9x should be shot on site :)


Branko ─îibej wrote:
> Roy T. Fielding wrote:
>> We have no need to support anything other than the latest updates
>> of Win2k and WinXP.  Anything other than that should not be running
>> a server and can continue using our old builds if needed.
> *Sigh*, yes, fine, but APR is used by stuff other than httpd, some of 
> which aren't servers. Subversion's one of them. It doesn't use ldap, but 
> does use apr_util.
> If the goal of this project is to produce a portable runtime, then it 
> has to run on less-than-bleeding-edge machines (even if some features 
> aren't available). If, OTOH, the goal is a portable runtime for httpd, 
> then perhaps Subversion should reconsider its use of APR...
> (No, I don't think having different flavours of the APR DLLs for 
> different versions of Windows is acceptable.)
> -- Brane
> .

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