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From Mladen Turk <mt...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Creating .so with static APR
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2005 09:54:30 GMT
Nick Kew wrote:
> William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
>> The *right* thing to do in httpd2.2 is probably quit loading global,
>> since we getsym the module structure, and launch everything from
>> there.  Perhaps, if a user needs all the symbols, they can use
>> LoadFile to obtain those.
> LoadModule foo_modules modules/mod_foo.so [local|global]
> If we do that, might we want to support LAZY|NOW at the same time?

What would be required to at least support safe loading of
multiple modules with APR statically bundled.
I presume the 'local' would be a way to go as default as Bill proposed.


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