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From "Alex G." <al...@solarapex.com>
Subject RE: Suggestion
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2005 05:41:54 GMT

> >The idea to have platform independent API for different platforms is
> great.
> >But, that makes me think that if APR could provide Java interfaces to APR,
> >that could bring a big benefit to Java Developers who are struggling with
> >creating own implementation of common things like network functions, etc.
> >
> So, are you saying that the Java runtime is less portable than APR? I
> can't imagine what kind of network functions you have in mind that you
> can't implement with the stuff in the J2SE library.

>From what I see, yes, Java runtime is less portable in many areas. I am not that familiar
with APR yet though. If Java Runtime is more portable than another level of abstraction, then
SWT would not have such a big success. 

With regard to network functions. Full ICMP support lacks for years, not to mention access
to raw sockets.

This idea may sound lame, but Java is not self sufficient as it seems. Sun adds some native
calls to their API (e.g. in Sun added NetworkInterface, in 1.6 Sun added concurrency utilities),
but the process is slow due to JCP bureaucracy. 


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