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From Joe Orton <jor...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: apr-dbd, sqlite, and the tests
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2005 09:03:45 GMT
On Wed, Aug 10, 2005 at 07:32:21PM -0700, Garrett Rooney wrote:
> So I'm thrilled to find that we've got dbd drivers for sqlite2 and 
> sqlite3, but somewhat less thrilled to find that they don't seem to 
> work.  Running the dbd test program for them results in failures for 
> sqlite3 and a segfault for sqlite2, and valgrind reveals that both seem 
> to be depending on uninitialized memory deep in the guts of sqlite...
> Also, the testdbd.c program that was recently committed doesn't seem to 
> actually build...
> Has anyone been able to get this stuff to work?

With your build fixes, the tests but it looks like some of the 
"transaction" tests and the prepared query/select tests are failing for 
me too here with sqlite3 (version 3.1.2, x86).


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