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From Henry Jen <henry...@ztune.net>
Subject Re: [VOTE] APR 1.2.0
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 20:59:59 GMT
Ed Holyat wrote:
> I like that you were able to get rid of an extra mutex.
> Their is some problems though.
> There is no way to safely signal the condition, a free read and/or 
> write on signalled and signal_all introduces multiple race
> conditions.  In order for this operation to be safe, it would have to
> be made atomic.(not a bad idea)
> But, this will never eliminate the race in checking the following
> area of code. Without mutexing the if block, It is possible for
> signal_all to be false, we fall into the else if.. another CPU
> executes the apr_thread_cond_broadcast we will ResetEvent prematurely
> if num_waiting > 0
> if (cond->signal_all) { if (cond->num_waiting == 0) { 
> ResetEvent(cond->event); } done=1; } else if (cond->signalled) { 
> cond->signalled = 0; ResetEvent(cond->event); done=1; }

As I explained, we rely on the associated mutex to protect those
variables and that should be effcient.

According to the doc for apr_thread_cond_signal:

> Although it is not required, if predictable scheduling is desired, 
> that mutex must be locked while calling this function.

Also, on *nix systems, check out the man page of pthread_cond_broadcast
says the same thing.


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