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From Sudhanshu Prakash <sprak...@bea.com>
Subject Help required with apr_global_mutex ......
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2005 11:14:29 GMT

Hi *,

I am using apr_* api's in my apache module and scenario is like as

1) In init_module, I am creating one apr_global_mutex_t
	and registering a cleanup function which destroys the mutex.

2) In init_child, I am re-opening the same mutex using

3) During Graceful restart, there is a race condition between mutex
destruction and child-restart i.e. Mutex is destroyed first while old
httpd childrens are still running and throws an error "(22), Invalid
Argument". (This scenario is easy to replicate when http is pumped with
high number of http requests and simultaneously i do graceful restart)

4) I tried to comment out the code which destroys the mutex, but still i
am getting the same error. (I believe the pool which is associated with
the mutex is getting cleared...).

I already spent couple of days over this and couldn;t figure out any

Kindly Suggest.

Thanks in advance.


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