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From Sander Striker <stri...@apache.org>
Subject Re: apr_pools and thread safety
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2005 17:06:00 GMT
E Holyat wrote:
> Then I think I may be running into an allocator_alloc bug during my 
> testing.  In a tight for loop, I am creating a thread which creates a 
> child pool from the parent.  I am crashing because my child pool is 
> NULL.  I am not sure yet, whether the child pool is reusing an index 
> from the parent or creating a new one.
> But I can see the following still holds true for allocator_alloc and 
> allocator_free.  allocator_alloc allows a free read on max_index when 
> either allocator_alloc / allocator_free can change that value.
> If 40 threads from the same parent create child pools. 40 threads can 
> fall into the first "if statement". The access within that "if 
> statement" is mutually exclusive, but, if max_index is being decremented 
> within the "if statement", then the condition that put the 13 or 14th or 
> nth thread into that "if statement" may no longer hold true.  Wouldn't 
> that invalidate the index alignment check and give a thread an 
> invalid child pool reference?
> The mutex should be moved outside of the if and else if

I'll go have a look at this now to see if we really have a race condition.
Moving the mutex has performance implications, so I want to make sure
we actually need to do that.

Thanks for reporting,


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