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From "Daniel May" <dan...@spryware.com>
Subject Building APR-1.1.1 on CYGWIN
Date Wed, 04 May 2005 15:47:38 GMT
 I am trying to build APR-1.1.1 on CYGWIN but I can not seem to get
configure to recognize that I have pthreads (or any threading) support:

Checking for Threads...
APR will be non-threaded
checking for sigsuspend... yes
checking for sigwait... yes
checking for poll... yes
checking for kqueue... no
checking for port_create... no
checking for epoll support... no
checking for getpwnam_r... yes
checking for getpwuid_r... yes
checking for getgrnam_r... yes
checking for getgrgid_r... yes

Any help would be appreciated

Daniel May

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