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From "David Christie" ...@sover.net>
Subject Re: Does a PalmOS port of APR exist?
Date Sat, 21 May 2005 00:47:36 GMT
----- Original Message ----- 
> "William A. Rowe, Jr." wrote:
> We entertained the notion of WinCE and crippled a bunch of
> features (APR_ENOTIMPL) to accommodate.  Your patches for
> PalmOS would be most welcome :)
> [Especially since I'm running with a Treo phone these days :-]

Thanks for your reply. Well, now I have something else to do in my copious 
spare time. :-)

By "entertained the notion" do you mean the intent was that APR might just 
compile and link with WinCE using Microsoft's compiler and tools? Or did you 
just mean that a port would be feasible, but some additional work would 
probably be required? I guess what I'm really asking is whether you know if 
anyone has actually used APR with WinCE.

Palm is kind of my first thought as a handheld target platform, since they 
seem to have a commitment to GCC-based development tools, but WinCE would 
obviously be good to support as well. But I have encountered enough places 
where MSVC++7.1 gives me problems by falling short of conformance with the 
C++ standard. I shudder to imagine what troubles WinCE would add to those.

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