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From Nick Kew <n...@webthing.com>
Subject Re: apr_dbd
Date Sun, 10 Apr 2005 21:22:03 GMT
Rick Keiner wrote:
> Here is some work I've done on the SQLite driver for
> apr_dbd. It's based on the work Ryan Phillips had
> done.

Thanks for reminding me: I've been meaning to look at Ryan's patch,
but round tuits have been very difficult (illness followed by house

I notice this is sqlite3, whereas sqlite2 is in svn ... ??

>  I've changed the select to build a linked list
> of the result set so that the number of tuples will be
> correct. The subsequent get rows retrieve the data
> from the linked list. This works only if there is one
> select in the query.

Was that solely to implement the NOTIMPL functions, or have
you made other changes?

> I have a general question about the query How should
> the results be returned if there are multiple selects
> in the query? Should it just return an array of
> apr_results_t *.

Can you give an example of what you mean?  You may be going
beyond the scope of what apr_dbd is designed for, in which case
we need to decide whether it's important enough to merit a
review of the existing API.

Nick Kew

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