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From Marcus Rueckert <da...@web.de>
Subject [PATCH] make postgresql check working on suse.
Date Fri, 15 Apr 2005 13:19:04 GMT

suse keeps the include files for postgresql in /usr/include/pgsql.  so
far the configure script didnt check for it there.  the litte patch
fixes this.

but i think i found a bug in the yes case.  i just copy pasted the case
for include/postgresql/.  running the configure later gives me
"-Iyes/include/pgsql".  i think the same brokeness will show up for.

i just wonder why we do the check manually instead of relying on
pg_config and mysql_config? i think this should be the preferred method.

hope this helps


p.s.: please keep me in the CC as i am not subscribed.

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