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From Curt Arnold <carn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Cannot link APR library with MinGW
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2005 20:56:35 GMT
> *Big* difference between mingw and cygwin.
> For mingw, yes, the win32 code needs to be selected in appropriately, 
> because mingw isn't really a compat layer - rather it's the GNU 
> toolchain running on undisguised Windows.
> On Cygwin, however, apr works very nicely built in unix mode - both 
> Apache 2 and Subversion both work on Cygwin with minimal tweaking - 
> and indeed it would be fatal to try and make apr use the win32 code on 
> cygwin, since it would break cygwin's unixy abstractions for apr's 
> client programs.

I've got APR building using Ant + cpptasks for both MS and Borland 
compilers since those compilers are of interest to log4cxx users and 
log4cxx now uses APR.  The build files are in the log4cxx CVS 
(apr-build.xml etc).  MinGW is next on my list.  I haven't attempted it 
but it might work out of the box.  You could try:

Install ant-1.6.2 (http://ant.apache.org)
Build cpptasks and ant-contrib from CVS HEAD 
Place cpptasks.jar and ant-contrib.jar on classpath
checkout logging-log4cxx from Apache CVS
cd logging-log4cxx
Place MinGW toolkit on path
ant -Dcompiler=gcc

which will attempt to download APR 1.1.0 from a mirror, apply patches 
to allow it to compile with the Borland toolchain, build apr, 
apr-iconv, apr-util and log4cxx.

If you are just interested in APR and don't want to apply the Borland 
fixes, copy apr-build.xml to build.xml in the APR directory and run 
"ant -Dcompiler=gcc"

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