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From Damir Dezeljin <program...@mbss.org>
Subject APR OS400 sources
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2005 18:35:52 GMT

I'm wondering if APR OS400 port sources are publicaly available? Does
anyone know anything about this? What about apache sources?

I'm asking it because I'm developing an application on OS400. I'm using
APR as a portability library, however from time to time I need to use OS
API. Having APR sources will be really helpful ;) E.g. I need to get a
thread ID for my logging module implementation (the logging module will
not using APR).

On e.g. Linux it is enough to call getpid(). Unfortunately this call
returns the same process ID for all threads on OS400. Any idea?

Anyway ... is it posible to use apr_os_thread_current() for this purpose?
<< I was unable to use it as I didn't find the declaration of the
apr_os_thread_t structure.
Will apr functions for 'decoding' threads IDs represent a big performance
hit in my application?

Thanks and best regards,

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