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From Tom Ryde <tom.r...@entegrity.com>
Subject awk bug when building aprtest environment
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2005 16:37:35 GMT

In attempting to build the test suite for APR(Apache Portable
Runtime), I encountered the following awk error.

I was following the instructions found on this web page:



The apr test environment can be compiled using VC++'s Visual Studio
development environment with the apr/test/aprtest.dsw project. This
workspace exposes the apr/apr.dsp static library and the
apr/test/aprtest.dsp projects that allow the developer to assemble the
entire test application suite.

Line numbers are from the file MakeWin32Make.awk

    45	        gsub( /-o (\S+)/ "/out:\"$1\"", $0 );

The build of project aprtest.dsp fails on the above statement.

Looking into the MakeWin32Make.awk file found in apr/test directory, 
a similar gsub() statement is found on line 40:

    40	        gsub( /-o (\S+)/, "/out:\"$1\"", $0 );

The comma following /-o (\S+)/ is missing from line 45, causing the error.

Tom Ryde
Entegrity Solutions

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