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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <wr...@rowe-clan.net>
Subject Re: apr-iconv 1.0
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2005 05:13:42 GMT
At 10:09 PM 3/29/2005, Curt Arnold wrote:
>I'm unclear on the proposed resolution.  Does it include a mechanism to distinguish apriconv-1
encoding modules from apriconv-0 modules either by changing the module signature or name?

I believe we should do that, too.  But it seems that some want
us to use an 'external' iconv implementation, at least, as of
the next major release of apr-util.  With the files residing
in /apriconv-1/*.so I'm less concerned with the signature.

>Without some mechanism to distinguish encoding modules, it really doesn't matter what
order the paths are evaluated?  If there is a mechanism, it shouldn't hurt to evaluate APR_ICONV_PATH

Of course it would, because we would still have to iterate
multiple .so files to find the correct one.  This is a huge
performance hit.

So let me inquire - have you authored a custom (charset).so file,
or intend to do so?  Again, the consensus on list was that apr-iconv
was an implementation-internal detail of apr-util.  With the next
release, implementors/users are expected to install the directory
apriconv-1 in parallel to apriconv-1.so [.dll].  APR_ICONV_PATH
would be searched last, to pick up those exceptions/custom charset
modules.  We wouldn't hit iconv/ at all (unless the user asks us
to through APR_ICONV_PATH.

So I'm confused if this solution doesn't resolve the issues of all
users.  Please explain further.

On your point of avoiding conflicts by changing the signature, yes
I would be -happy- to entertain a patch, if you want to post one in
the next day.  I'll be putting together my changes tomorrow eve,
and would be easily able to integrate your suggestion if you care
to offer the patch.  I don't see it as a substitute for searching
for the right file, but I see it as added security against loading
the wrong module.


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