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From Paul Querna <c...@force-elite.com>
Subject Re: APR-Iconv 1.0.2 Released
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 21:03:54 GMT
Jim Jagielski wrote:
> Cliff Woolley wrote:
>>>I still think this is an over-reaction as no one operated in bad faith
>>>here. I maintain that any effort would be better placed at fixing the
>>>problems and rolling a new apr-iconv 1.1.0 that fixes whatever problem you
>>>seem to think is present today.  That could likely be done in less time
>>>with less animosity and less emails.  -- justin
>>For what it's worth, I agree with Justin here.
> FWIW, it does appear to me that the releases did go out
> quite quickly... Why the rush? 

Tuesday: Tagged, and sent to dev@apr.
Thursday Night: Took my count of the votes, latter pushed the files to 
the mirrors.
Friday Morning: Sent out the announcements.

I didn't feel I did it in a rush. I don't feel it was an excessively 
fast release cycle.  Sure, it didn't take months, but I don't think APR 
1.0.0 is the best example of a release cycle.

I was partially motivated to complete it before this weekends infrathon. 
I did not want to have to deal with this next week.  Since many of the 
ASF resources would not be available during the weekend, my personal 
target when I started the cycle was to release on Friday.  If there 
weren't enough votes, or there were other issues, I would of held it up.

I sent an email Thursday night, declaring my count of the votes.  If 
there was a problem, I would of hoped it would of been brought up then.

When I counted the votes, I interpreted all of the +1s to be for the 
entire group (apr, apr-util, apr-iconv).  I am sorry if I misinterpreted 
any of the votes.  This was not my intention.

I believe the best course of action is to fix apr-iconv, and then 
release 1.1.0.


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